Zeus Raises $55 Million for Extended-Stay Rentals: Travel Startup Funding This Week

From left: Chief Technology Officer Joe Wong, Chief Operating Officer Srini Panguluri, and CEO Kulveer Taggar together co-founded Zeus, a corporate hospitality startup that has raised more than $90 million in funding. Zeus Skift Take: This week, travel startups announced more than $139 million in funding for concepts including extended-stay corporate housing, short-term rental-style pop-up … [Read more…]

One Enchanted Evening

This year, Enchant Christmas returned to Seattle with another enchanting holiday lights adventure. As someone who was unable to attend 2018’s Enchant, I went into the experience with wide eyes and came out on the other side thoroughly impressed and jolly. Upon my arrival to T-Mobile Park, I was absolutely captivated by the abundance of … [Read more…]

Best things to do Charlotte, NC

There is nothing more soulless than a banking town. The term alone conjures images of imposing glass towers full of boring people who care about nothing but money and how to make more of it. In America’s second-largest banking center, it’s an image that’s been tough to shake. Slim Leather Travel Passport Wallet Holder RFID … [Read more…]

Live music venues in Vancouver

Don’t listen to what travel columnists from supposedly prestigious publications say: Vancouver is not “mind-numbingly boring.” Actually, the city is so far from being dull that there are giant machines constantly crushing old buildings to make way for shiny new apartment towers to accommodate all the people desperately wanting to live here. And all those … [Read more…]