Trivago’s Incoming CEO Gets Busy Tweaking Its Advertising Strategy

In July 2019, Trivago moved into a new headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, whose main entrance hall is shown here. Trivago Skift Take: Trivago’s incoming CEO Axel Hefer signaled Thursday that the company would change its auctions to appeal more to advertisers. Most promising is how it will now let and other advertisers bid for … [Read more…]

New Whitepaper Reviews the Travel Industry’s Progress on Data-Driven Personalization

Skift Take: This new whitepaper from Adara, based on the results of a survey of close to 500 travel marketing executives, offers a snapshot of the industry’s progress deploying advanced data-driven personalization strategies. — Read the Complete Story On Skift

BBC shows filming locations

Nobody does TV like the Brits. From Doctor Who to The Office, The Fall, and Sherlock, British shows have been hitting the mark for decades, acquiring hordes of series-hungry fans from all over the world. The most famous purveyor of good British television is, obviously, the BBC, and if you’ve been following the British Broadcasting … [Read more…]

City Palace of Jaipur on Airbnb

If living at the Taj Mahal has always been your dream, this might be the closest you’ll ever get. The City Palace of Jaipur, home of Jaipur’s royal family, will soon be available to book on Airbnb. Starting on November 23, the palace’s Gudliya Suite will be available for guests to rent, making Sawai Padmanabh … [Read more…]