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Jet Lag App Timeshifter Makes Moves on Asia’s Hotels, Airlines

Timeshifter – The Jet Lag App. Timeshifter Skift Take: Timeshifter, brandishing NASA-approved science, wants to revolutionize how the travel industry helps guests fight jet lag. The science has won consumers over, and is a no-brainer for airlines. But in Asia’s cutthroat hotel business, how it can integrate the app into different branded programs is perhaps […]

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Best Travel Gear (My Ultimate Travel Packing List)

Curious about the travel gear I bring with me on my international adventures? I’ve put together this gear page to share my long-term travel packing list. Obviously, I recommend traveling with high-quality, lightweight & durable stuff. The travel gear I use may not work for everyone. I carry extra photography equipment to maintain this travel […]

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Car-free islands in the US

At first, hearing that a place is car-free might make you think, “Awesome, no traffic.” Let it sink in a little longer, though, and you’ll realize, “Oh wait, how am I supposed to get around?” Sure, car-free destinations might be slightly more inconvenient than places accessible by car, but it’s a small price to pay […]

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Traditional folk music in Kiev

You’ve touched down in Kiev and are ready to dive into the rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture. One of the most important cultural aspects of Ukraine is its music, and nothing represents this more than the country’s traditional folk music. Live music takes place all over town — it’s a rare day that you’ll walk […]