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Skyscanner Wants to Be Instagram-Like in Selling Flights

An image of Skyscanner’s mobile app after the September 2019 rebranding of the company. Skyscanner Skift Take: We can shop for TVs and clothes on our phone, but booking flights remains stubbornly old school. Skyscanner is one of a few online players working with airlines to fix that. — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete Story […]

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Intrepid Travel stops elephant rides

Animal welfare is increasingly top of mind for modern travelers not wanting to see their tourism dollars used for exploitative profit. In Southeast Asia, elephant riding has taken center stage. Reports of “elephant breaking,” the violent process of taming and domesticating an elephant for commercial use, made their way to the public eye in 2014 […]

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Best things to do in Izmir, Turkey

While Istanbul is rightly lauded for its rich history and culture, the Turkish capital shouldn’t be the only city you visit in this vast and fascinating country. The city of Izmir, on a bay in the Aegean Sea, is an excellent place to base yourself if you’re planning to visit the ancient ruins of Ephesus, […]