Hotel Engine Raises $16 Million for Business Travel Booking: Travel Startup Funding This Week

A whiteboarding scene from the new Denver headquarters of Hotel Engine, a startup that offers online lodging management for businesses. Hotel Engine has raised $16 million in Series A funding. Hotel Engine Skift Take: The funding of business travel management startup Hotel Engine underscores how there’s a lot of money and energy pouring into the … [Read more…]

How roller coasters are designed

When you’re falling towards the ground at 165 miles an hour, you really don’t have time to think about everything that went into making that terrifying moment happen. In the adrenaline-pumping moments riding a big-time roller coaster, it’s hard to imagine it was all carefully planned out years ago by a team of creative designers. … [Read more…]

Scenic train rides in the US in fall

Wow, where’d summer go? One minute you’re shaking the dust off your inner tubes and the next it’s like, “Hey, where are you parking for tailgates this year?” But don’t lament the end of summer; fall brings the nicest time of the year in many parts of the country — specifically, those parts where trees … [Read more…]