Booking Holdings CEO Sees Greater Need for Urgency Under New Exec Structure

Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel wants to speed up the pace of execution at the company. BTO / Flickr Skift Take: Booking Holdings, along with Expedia Group, have both had to deal with acquisitions and integrations that have been taking too long. Booking officials are undoubtedly frustrated with the pace of progress at OpenTable and … [Read more…]

Solutions for pollution

Pollution is a global problem, among the greatest the world collectively faces. The World Health Organization approximates seven million deaths annually to air pollution, with countries like India and China experiencing record levels of hazardous particulates. Trash fills our streets and oceans, creating a debris heap the size of an island you might expect to … [Read more…]

UK trains pull out of Interrail

The Interrail train program has allowed unlimited train travel across Europe at a fixed price for nearly 50 years, but now the UK’s train operators are withdrawing. Effective on January 1, 2020, the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents the UK train industry, announced that it’s pulling out of both Interrail and Eurail, meaning UK … [Read more…]