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EasyParcel Raises $10 Million for Delivery: Travel Startup Funding This Week

EasyParcel, an online booking platform for parcel delivery, has received $10.6 million in Series B funding. EasyParcel Skift Take: In the past seven days, travel startups announced more than $216 million in funding. But the hot market deserves a warning that paraphrases Fleetwood Mac: Investors only love you when they’re investing. Funding will come and […]

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Sustainable fishing in Alaska

Commercial fishing is a way of life in Alaska, and today is a great time to be a fisherman in the 49th state. The equipment is modern, the technology is cutting edge, and, most importantly, sustainable management is well established. While regions around the world often check the first two off on that list, it’s […]

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British Virgin Islands outdoors

Nobody goes to the British Virgin Islands to stay indoors. When you’re ensconced in islands of bright green mountains crashing into perfect azure waters, it’s like visiting an all-you-can-eat nature buffet. So you’ll want to stuff yourself full of it before getting back on your cruise ship, or on a plane back home. The BVI […]