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Momondo’s Viral Video Is a Piece of Kayak’s Brand Marketing Strategy

A screenshot from Momondo’s The World Piece video in which some 60 participants create an interwoven tattoo. Momondo Skift Take: When Booking Holdings acquired Momondo in 2017 to pair with fellow metasearch brand Kayak, officials said one of Momondo’s core strengths was its brand marketing bonafides. The World Piece video works because it stirs emotions, […]

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StayPlease Raises Funds to Expand ‘Slack for Hotels’: Travel Startup Funding This Week

StayPlease is like Slack for hotels. StayPlease Skift Take: This week’s travel startups, including Sonder, StayPlease, and Bolt, released a series of funding announcements, many of them for undisclosed amounts. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

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70 Years of Seafair

Seafair, the unparalleled celebration of Seattle’s beautiful summer and remarkable history, turns 70 this year. With all the attendant finery and excitement that marks a big, round number we also get an opportunity to reminisce. Blue Angels flying in formation Courtesy Seafair When it comes to Seafair, family traditions take two paths: those that hearken […]

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Best airports for wellness

Flying is bad for you. This shouldn’t be groundbreaking news to anyone who’s gotten home after a long flight and slept for 12 hours, since the combination of thin air, cramped spaces, and a flying petri dish of germs isn’t exactly a recipe for pure bliss. This is why airports around the world have started […]

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Best traditional Chinese desserts

Dessert in Western countries is typically sweet foods like ice cream, doughnuts, cookies, and candy. In China, dessert strays away from these super sugary concepts — even cake is turned on its head and means something different. Dessert in China can be either sweet or savory, and many times, it’s both, making for a delicious […]