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EU teenagers rail pass giveaway

European teenagers might find their summer travel plans to be cheaper than ever this year. The DiscoverEU initiative is offering 18-year-old citizens of Europe the chance to travel by rail, for free, to one or more EU countries. There are 20,000 passes available, and successful applicants must take their trip — not exceeding 30 days […]

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Google Hotels Prompts Trivago to Increase Advertising in 50 Global Markets

Trivago is experimenting with new TV ad concepts, including having its actor spokespeople merely narrate spots instead of appearing in them. Trivago Skift Take: Google is eating the world. When metasearch sites such as Trivago see a strategic benefit in increasing their advertising in Google metasearch, it’s not only enough to make your head spin, […]

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Snorkeling around Ulleungdo Island

Ulleungdo is a volcanic island 75 miles east of South Korea, a dream for any off-the-beaten-track traveler. The island has long attracted South Koreans who appreciate its dramatic volcanic cliffs and rock formations, primeval forests, and crystal clear water. Hiking is very popular, meaning some trails get congested during the peak season. The surrounding ocean, […]

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Glamping resort Patagonia, Chile

You don’t get a whole lot of street cred for glamping. Tell your friends you’re going on a mission to Patagonia, and they’ll imagine you hiking up snowy boulders and sleeping in flimsy tents on a mountainside. Real character-building stuff. Post pictures sipping Champagne in a jacuzzi that same night, and now you’re a bougie […]

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Sabre Will See Revenue Fallout From Jet Airways Collapse and 737 Max Grounding

Sabre expects to take a financial hit because the FAA has grounded all Boeing 737 Max jets in the United States, and carriers around the world have done likewise. Pictured is a United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9. United Airlines Skift Take: Sabre is engaged in a tough but necessary technology transition. Beyond the system […]

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Gilded Age mansions in Florida

Florida generally gives about as much regard to its history as its people do to common sense. That said, though the state has bulldozed much of its past for condos, some of the grandest structures ever built in America still remain there. Even before the advent of air conditioning, Florida was a popular winter retreat […]

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Traditional Betawi Indonesian food

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and a place where you can find a variety of people from across Indonesia and abroad. The country’s motto, after all, is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or “Unity in Diversity.” People from all over have brought their culinary traditions and made the city an exciting place to eat. Perhaps because […]