Spice Bus from ‘Spice World’ Airbnb

Spice Girls fans can finally relive the ‘90s the way they’ve always wanted — by staying in the actual Spice Bus from the 1997 “Spice World” movie. Suzanne Goley, a Spice Girls superfan, has converted the bus into a liveable, sleek apartment, and it’s now available for booking on Airbnb. The British-flag-painted bus sleeps three … [Read more…]

Where to travel in July

July is like the Cheesecake Factory menu of travel months. Everything just looks big and bright and delicious, and you’ll make the poor waiter come back four times because the options are just so overwhelming. While we can’t help you decide between the Factory Burrito and Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta, we can offer you up our … [Read more…]