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China’s Group Has ‘Less Worse’ Second Quarter Than Booking and Expedia

The exterior of a Wangfujing Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Beijing. Group said the high-end hotel sector is propelling its financial results. Mandarin Oriental Skift Take: In some respects, travel companies are prisoners of their geographic strengths and weaknesses in the Covid-19 era. Operational considerations aside, it sure didn’t hurt Group to be based […]

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Hotel Contactless Tech: What Will Stick and What Won’t?

Proxyclick Visitor Management System on an iPad. Proxyclick Skift Take: Contactless technology is being adopted in hotels at breakneck speed to ensure safe operations. Not all tech is created equal though. Skift Research looked at what tech has the momentum to continue growing after the pandemic fades. — Wouter Geerts Read the Complete Story On […]

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David Attenborough joins Instagram

Famous naturalist David Attenborough joined Instagram for the first time yesterday, and within 24 hours he has gathered 3.2 million followers. Attenborough didn’t make an Instagram for the attention, though. He immediately posted a video with a heartfelt message warning about the dangers of climate change, with the goal of using social media to spread […]

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How to volunteer on public lands

A lot of us take our wild spaces for granted. When we need a break to recharge, most of us can take a walk or a hike in a public park nearby. For those of us near large bodies of water, we can hang out with friends by the beach, and when it comes time […]

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China commits to carbon neutrality

One of the only ways to curb the climate crisis is for countries to make a concerted effort to reduce their emissions. China is setting a lofty goal for itself, committing to becoming carbon neutral before 2060. This announcement, made to the United Nations general assembly, gives the UN a nudge in the right direction […]

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Popular books set in every country

Some novels are inextricably linked to their settings. In many cases, the location feels like a character in itself, a living and breathing protagonist whose interests are intertwined with its human counterparts and whose presence is felt on every page. NetCredit compiled a list of the most popular books set in every country in the […]

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Most beautiful villages in Ireland

The Ireland of our dreams, the one that’s often pictured in rom-coms, is rural. And even though adorable thatched cottages dotting green, rolling hills, or brightly painted houses by the wild Atlantic shore are overly used in televised fictional tales, there’s some truth to them. Dublin, Belfast, Galway, and Cork are all modern, cosmopolitan cities […]

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Best road trips in the UK

There’s a lot of talk about the Great American Road Trip, but in fact, some of the best road trips in the world are in the United Kingdom. Although 40 times smaller than the US, the UK has dozens of epic and diverse road trip routes that will leave a lasting impression — whether you’re […]

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Hawaii is the happiest state in 2020

There’s not much to be happy about in 2020, so measuring happiness might be considered a futile exercise. Talking about the happiest state in the US right now is like talking about the least crusty noodle at the bottom of an old cooking pot, but nonetheless, WalletHub has conducted a study of the 50 states […]

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Chicago arcade bar haunted house

Partying this Halloween is pretty much canceled this year — but not from the confines of our cars. Replay Lincoln Park, an arcade bar in Chicago, is transforming its back alley into a drive-thru haunted house, complete with zombies, demons, and the undead. Guests at the Alley of Darkness will be able to enjoy a […]