Map of single-use plastic bans

The plastic waste trashing our oceans and filling landfills across the world has attracted much global attention of late. With stories of plastic washing up on beaches and plastic bags reaching the deepest depths of the ocean, consumers and travelers need a better understanding of how to avoid using plastic. We all want to be … [Read more…]

Scratching salon opens in Croatia

The saying “an itch you can’t scratch” has finally met its match. Literally. In the Croatian capital of Zagreb, you can go to an actual “scratching salon,” where you’ll relax to the soothing sensation of a full-body scratching. This month, Češkaonica, which translates to “the scratching salon” in English, opened to the public, promising to … [Read more…]

This German Startup Aims to Have a Fleet of Jet-Powered Flying Taxis by 2025

Chief Executive Officer Daniel Wiegand discusses his startup on Bloomberg TV. Bloomberg Skift Take: Lilium’s five-seat aircrafts can operate in pilot or drone mode, but the company must raise more venture capital dollars for it to reach its goal. — Danni Santana 3/4PCS Travel Set Bag ABS Trolley Spinner Suitcase Luggage w/Lock 16"- 28" 4OPTS … [Read more…]

Amazon Launches Flight Bookings in India and 11 Other Digital Trends This Week

Amazon launches flight bookings in India, reentering travel. Mike Mackenzie / Flickr Skift Take: This week in digital news, Amazon’s quest to become the world’s all-purpose app continues, MakeMyTrip seeks growth in China, and TripAdvisor adds new filters to enhance safety and transparency. — Isaac Carey 3/4PCS Travel Set Bag ABS Trolley Spinner Suitcase Luggage … [Read more…]

Amazon Confirms Flight-Booking Launch as Part of a Superapp Strategy

Amazon Prime Air Boeing 767, photographed on August 8, 2016 from Wolfe Air Learjet 25B. Amazon launched a domestic flight service in India. Chad Slattery / Amazon Skift Take: Amazon wants to be a superapp, the mobile tool of choice to book flights, buy books, and make payments. In travel, flights are only the beginning. … [Read more…]

Business Planning training – transcripts and video recordings

This tutorial holds the video recording and key points for: Business Planning Panel Session (16 May 2019) 1. Business Planning Panel Session On 16th of May 2019, we welcomed customer strategy superhero Sueanne Carr to discuss the importance of planning strategy for tourism businesses with Tourism Tribe’s CEO Liz Ward. 3/4PCS Travel Set Bag ABS … [Read more…]

8 essential types of dim sum to eat in Hong Kong

If there’s one meal to eat in Hong Kong, it has to be dim sum. Often mistaken to just mean dumplings, dim sum is actually a selection of small dishes commonly eaten at breakfast or lunch and is best shared among a large group of family and friends. A general rule is that two and … [Read more…]

The best places in America to try forest bathing

Let’s get something straight: Forest bathing is not a simple walk in the woods. Because let’s be honest, most of us when going for a stroll through the forest bring our phones along so we can document the whole thing, and maybe send some “look how I’m communing with nature” selfies to our friends. Forest … [Read more…]

Amazon’s Travel Strategy Comes Into Focus

Amazon previously tried selling hotel stays via weekend getaways, but is trying anew with flights in India. Skift Skift Take: The same rules that apply to run-of-the-mill travel sellers do not necessarily apply to Amazon. While cash back on flights in India may seem loss-generating and unsustainable, for Amazon it could be a winning strategy. … [Read more…]

YouTrip Raises $25 Million for a Digital Wallet: Travel Startup Funding This Week

YouTrip’s co-founder and CEO Caecilia Chu. The startup, founded in Hong Kong, helps travelers save money when making purchases in a foreign currency. It has raised $25.5 million in pre-Series A funding. YouTrip Skift Take: This week’s travel startups, including YouTrip, GetYourGuide, Away, and Anyplace, announced more than $611 million in funding. — Sean O’Neill … [Read more…]