Facebook Users Still Dream of Getaways: Here’s the List of Travel’s Most Popular Videos in June

An image from a trip to Norway on February 6, 2017. Travel brands’ Facebook videos are heavily weighted toward alluring destinations. Tony Armstrong-Sly / Flickr.com Skift Take: With travel to foreign countries still a tepid in many parts of the world, Facebook users are dreaming about vacations. Travel brands, particularly tourism boards and airlines, are … [Read more…]

Zolo Raises $56 Million for Co-Living: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Co-living means living with a lot of color, at least in India. Here’s an example of extended-stay lodging from Zolo, a startup based in Gurgaon, India. Zolo Skift Take: Dorms for grown-ups. No-questions-asked travel insurance. Basecamp for “team travel.” FareHarbor for ferries. Games for destinations. And more … — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete Story … [Read more…]

Garden gnome colonies in the world

For an inanimate bunch, garden gnomes have a tendency to travel. Entire colonies have cropped up in the wild, far from the front lawns they were made to decorate, appearing everywhere from the Australian outback to the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Liberation fronts, the most notorious of which operates in France, are behind some … [Read more…]

Accor Still Keen to Find Investors for Its Software Business Despite Pandemic Fallout

Mövenpick Cebu, a beachfront hotel on Mactan Island, in Cebu, Philippines, is affiliated with the Accor Hotels Group, which also offers D-Edge tech services to hotels. Accor wants a financial partner for D-Edge, its hotel tech services brand, which wants to expand its offerings to more than 11,500 hotels worldwide. Accor Skift Take: D-Edge needs … [Read more…]

Resígaro endangered language

There are approximately six thousand languages spoken in the world right now, and around five thousand are spoken only by indigenous peoples. Due to geographic isolation and cultural insulation, these languages are often at the greatest risk of extinction. Resígaro, an Upper Amazonian language spoken by the Arawak peoples of Peru, is considered the world’s … [Read more…]

New Booking Data Shows Lopsided Global Recovery Frustrating Travel Outfits

Raffles Hotel and Resorts opened its Raffles Bali property in July 2020, with 32 ocean view villas in Jimbaran. Accor Skift Take: You can’t really talk about a global recovery for the travel sector overall. Regions are out of sync, reveals new data from Travelport. Companies are affected differently, depending on their market exposure. — … [Read more…]

I Traveled To Cuba & The US Government Didn’t Like It

Consequences For Traveling To Cuba Havana, Cuba A few years after I traveled to Cuba as an American, I received an official subpoena by the US Treasury Department for possible economic sanctions violations. Four years ago I traveled to Cuba during the Obama administration, when travel restrictions to the island were progressively being relaxed and … [Read more…]